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Question by  frank87 (22)

What is fee simple?


Answer by  linstelito (20)

Fee simple is the legal term for basic ownership of a piece of property. As a fee simple holder of property, you have the right to use the property and/or dispose of the property in whatever way you see fit.


Answer by  Lavaca5 (31)

Fee simple is an estate, or type of interest in real property. Fee simple is absolute ownership, the highest estate, and is typically the estate conveyed in a sale and purchase transaction. Lesser estates include a leasehold, in which one's interest is limited to a certain time-frame, and an easement, in which one's interest is limited to a certain usage.


Answer by  patti (29325)

"Fee simple" is a kind of estate in which the real estate/land is owned by a private party/parties that holds all the rights to the property to use it, develop it, sell it, hold it, etc. "Fee simple" is part of common law.

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