Question by  ramyarengaraj (21)

What is double knitting?


Answer by  abcde61 (7)

Double knitting is a special knitting technique. The result is an extra heavy, reinforced material with double thickness, which is still soft to the touch. The appearance is usually ribbed. Double knitting is often uses for thick, woolly jumpers. It can also be used to reinforce the heel or tip of socks in the places where they wear off most.


Answer by  MJones30 (19)

It is a method of knitting in which two different yarns are used on one pair of needles, creating two fabrics simultaneously.


Answer by  JennFormer (78)

Double knitting involves knitting both sides of the fabric at once, alternating sides with each stitch. You work a stitch from one side, and then one from the other side. This creates a double-thick, reversible, two-layered fabric.


Answer by  CRT (10)

In the British system of yarn weights, double knitting yarn, often known as "DK", is twice the weight of 4ply yarn. It is approximately equivalent to the US light worsted weight (category 3), but be sure to work a swatch to test your gauge before starting your project!


Answer by  Candace (159)

Double knitting is a technique it is extra heavy and double thick, it is usually use for winter outfits. You knit both sides at once, you also can reinforce the heal on your socks so they will not wear off to fast, also the material is still soft to the touch.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

"Double-knitting" simultaneously-knits (2)inseparable/interlocked or separate/unconnected fabrics from (2)yarns by flat-knitting with (1)pair-of-double-pointed-knitting-needles: Knit (1)row with (1)yarn & slide-stitches to needle's-other-end, Knit next-row with next-yarn; Turn work over; Knit next-pair-of-rows; REPEAT


Answer by  Marsha94 (618)

Double knitting is a lot eaiser than it sounds! It is simply knitting, but having two strands of yarn acting as one.


Answer by  ruth (407)

When two pieces are knit on one needle. First one row is knit, then that pushed to the end of the needle, then the other row is knit.

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