Question by  semmi (16)

What is DLP HDTV?

I am shopping for a new TV and the options are confusing.


Answer by  Bianca77 (31)

DLP uses a device with millions of micro-mirrors that switch to create the pixels on the screen. DLPs are typically priced lower than other technologies, but the picture quality may not be as good. DLPs are generally also thicker, and you may not be able to wall mount a DLP.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

DLP or Digital Light Processing is one of the common type of HD technologies. Commonly called "rear projection", it is typically not as good as plasma but can be cheaper.


Answer by  kellys1111 (6)

DLP technology was created by Texas Instruments by using a digital chip consisting of millions of microscopic mirrors. These mirrors reflect light creating the digital high-definition image on the HDTV.


Answer by  misteann (109)

DLP stands for Digital Light Projector. This type of television uses a lamp to project the picture. The only drawback to technology is that the lamp will periodically need to be replaced which can get pricey.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

This is a television that has both high definition and a high pixel rate. This will make the image more visible. I would recommend making sure you get one that is proper size for your home though since the image is usually very vibrant and can be overwhelming if to large.


Answer by  jtrudeau (69)

DLP refers to the type of technology used to project images onto the tv. DLP is a chip inside the television that uses mirrors to reflect images in a high definition output.


Answer by  Bob8478 (1040)

This refers to the projection of the TV. With DLP HDTV, the projection takes place on a tiny chip. The chip utlizies small mirrors to project the image, and as a result, is expensive.

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