Question by  AmandaVogel (19)

What is deontological reasoning?


Answer by  TMATM (499)

Its a way of judging "moral correctness" of an action, based on whether or not the action followed established rules. In other words, the ends do NOT justify the means.


Answer by  Mary15 (347)

It basically focuses on acts that would be seen in light of "goodness". It sets ideals that are expected to be followed under all circumstances serving as being the duties that an individual should live by. This type of reasoning is what makes up the commandments-Thou shalt not steal. Knowing this a person wouldn't steal if wanting to take something.


Answer by  SenethraandChristopher (2)

A distinct feature from the action's consequences which derives from the duty or obligation and that the rightness of an action is not simply dependent on maximizing the good, if that action goes against what is considered moral. Moralities are purpose or results in the future. cw and sa

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