Question by  jlkann (12)

Does anyone have suggestions for trivia questions for Letterman tickets?

I need some question's to send to David Letterman.


Answer by  newpatriot (27)

What is daves all time favorite political and tv personalities Who is a person that letterman can not stand and called him out on his hatred. What is the biggest star in all of the known universe. Who holds the record for the most bugs eaten in an hour. Who gets to pick who the pope is.


Answer by  amiv (249)

Request tickets for Letterman http://www. cbs. com/late_night/late_show/tickets/online. php. If tickets are available, they call you and you must ANSWER a trivia question about the show.


Answer by  DackThrombosis (1093)

He requires trivia to hand out tickets? Hmmm. Send in a bunch of questions about Indianapolis. He was born there and worked his first television gigs in the city. Make them hard so he has to work at answering them.


Answer by  lesreg (100)

How many times (average) does a woman at her last month of pregnancy use the bathroom per day? How much should a man earn (take-home) for a family of four to be considered middle-class?


Answer by  ulisses (291)

actually I do , Is lindsey lohan going to do it again , is miley sirus going on tour with brittany spears when is the united states going to get some more jobs for us just working having to give all the money we have just for are bills not that much for buying school supplies


Answer by  Mlyons04 (7)

What is the title of the theme song of the first Lion King movie? Name one song where the title of the song includes the word Purple.


Answer by  Bigbenone (-2)

Why doesn't Dave tell Jay Leno that he can get them BOTH on primetime. All they have to do is the 2 Man Bob at the Winter Oympics. Leno can do the steering, Dave the breakman. Front of the Bob going to be bigger than the back though!!

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