Question by  jesshayl1 (79)

What is cursive html?

I need to understand how to crate a cursive html.


Answer by  HTMLexpert (23)

Cursive is a value for HTML "font-family" names . Normally, 'cursive' is Zapf-Chancery font style. An HTML example: body { font-family: abc, Zapf-Chancery , cursive}. In this example, cursive is a value for generic family name. Another example: body { font-family: "My first job", cursive} Text "My First job" will be displayed in cursive.


Answer by  dcdavid00 (7)

There is no way to creat cursive html, you need to choose a font such as French script and Vladimir script to make cursive hmtl.


Answer by  sweetheart19 (19)

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