Question by  AndrewCline (23)

What is causing the knots under my underarm pit?


Answer by  nerdgirl (78)

It can be caused by your deodorant, especially if you shave your armpit before washing it. The knots are most likely an ingrown hair, apply a warm compress to it and it should go away. Also, try switching your brand of deodorant, you may be allergic to your brand.


Answer by  scott63 (140)

There are many sweat glands that are in your armpits. These sweat glands often swell, especially in the summer months. Sometimes switching deodorants can reduce the swelling of these glands.


Answer by  majivantara (39)

This is possibly swollen lymph glands. When glands swell, it's usually an indication of infection. If you have fever or feel unreasonably tired, visit a doctor and find out what could be wrong. With no other symptoms, it might resolve in a few days. If not, visit your doctor.


Answer by  melz10 (61)

On a very basic level, if you shave, it could be ingrown hairs. But the most serious issue could be breast cancer. If the knot never goes away (even if it is pea sized) you need to see a doctor immediately.

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