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Question by  Squeaker (100)

What is "Big Cat Diary"?

What sorts of things happen on the show?


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

The big cat diary is a show about wild cats, large ones to be exact. These include tigers, lions and all other large species of cats. They track daily events of these animals.


Answer by  mgison014 (171)

It's a diary or life style of cats documented series on television. It follows every move of the big African cats in the wild, how they live, survived and die in the wilds. Africa's follows their biggest predators and prey. Their everyday attitude towards each others and on how they connected.


Answer by  ariacapella (10)

Big cat diary is a television show in which there are obese cats. They teach you how to feed your pet properly so that you dont have a fat kitty.

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