Question by  Ein (34)

What is appropriate gifts for Japanese business men?

They will be visiting my business for a week.


Answer by  nodeal (35)

One good idea is to give them an expensive whiskey or cognac. It is important to make sure that your gift is presented well. This means wrapping it with care, and offering it to them with both hands.


Answer by  HEAJG (500)

Well you can give them a Japanese fan if you want. If you want to be a little bit generous then you should buy them a watch. Men love watches and it will serve as a lovely gesture to give them. You can also give them a wallet or something.


Answer by  Ant99 (22)

malt whisky or an expensive cognac you could give Japanese something aside from these make sure that you have it gift wrapped properly so that they are not disappointed.


Answer by  Gabriela44 (18)

A great gift idea for foreigners is souvenirs from where you live. Especially because these are business people we are talking about it's not an awkward or too personal gift.

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