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Question by  Tony45 (48)

What is an exterior pvc conduit?

My father told me that I will need an exterior pvc conduit to fix a problem in my home, I have no idea what this is.


Answer by  Sparky101 (366)

If your need for conduit is electrical in nature you will need either schedule 40 or 80 depending on if the conduit will be exposed and susceptibel to damage.


Answer by  scott96 (113)

An exterior pvc conduit is a plastic pipe usually grey in color, made to carry electrical wire. Its main purpose is to keep water from coming into contact with electricity. It is similar to the pvc pipe used in plumbing but has wider 90 degree turns for easier wire pulling.


Answer by  joebob31 (622)

It is a plastic pipe that is used to house and protect electrical wires that run outside of your house from damage from the environment. It is designed to be outside as opposed to other conduit that is for interior use only.


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

It is a plastic pipe that is made to hold electrical wiring. It protects outside wiring from the dampness and other damages. It is made out of fiber or fired clay. In some cases, the pvc conduit is bendable for easier wire pulling.


Answer by  sawilson (32)

It is an electrical piping system used to protect and guide electrical wiring. Needed in pvc in your case it can also be made out of fiber or fired clay and even available in flexible materials for some cases.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

It is a piece of PVC conduit that wires run through on the outside of the house for stranded wire.


Answer by  prasath (12)

Well, pvc conduit is nothing but a pvc tube which houses normally electrical cables from damages. The conduits are available in various sizes. If you have a condition to travel cables on walls or underground,these conduits would be the best choice.


Answer by  worker12 (293)

It is plastic pipe that protects electric wire from moisture and puncture and is used for the outside. You buy connectors and pipe and glue the fittings for an airtight fit. You purchase these items at the local hardware store


Answer by  jisha (39)

As the word meaning it is the thing which is used to coduct someting. In this case it is used to connect pipes. Both directions are used to connect pipe

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