Question by  justmesuzanne (625)

What is an average lawnmower gas mileage?


Answer by  FedEx (61)

The average lawn mower gas consumption is 1-2 gallons per hour. The variables that affect gas consumption the most is weather and RPM.


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

Lawnmowers are not efficient when it comes to gas mileage. It is difficult to figure out just what your mileage will be. Lots of factors involved like what make and model the mower is, how big the lawn is, and if the lawn is very hilly. The average lawnmower probably holds 2-3 gallons of gas.


Answer by  martshtml (300)

It is kind of hard to figure this out, it depends on the model, how big your lawn is and how fast you are at cutting the lawn.


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

Lawnmowers have internal combustion engines they can not be measured with the same miles per gallon ratio of a automobile. You must determine the gas mileage on a case by case standard. Filling your own tank, measuring your yard, and recording the time will give you your own standard. Otherwise, horsepower, model, fuel type, and excetera would change each answer.


Answer by  aaa23 (15)

There is no real mpg for a lawnmower, it is not like measering the mpg in a car. Lawnmower engines are internal combustion engines and are not very fuel efficient. To figure out an estimated mpg you could measure the squeare feet of your yard and figure out how fast you walk. Then with a little math you got it


Answer by  NathanCloud (28)

Lawnmowers should not be related to gas mileage, but rather time. Many factors such as engine speed(blades and RPM)and how much time is stood still can contribute to used fuel. I'm sure this isn't Water Boy the movie, where we drive everywhere on a LAWN MOWER!


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

It is variable and according to the size of engine.So if your lawn mower is 150cc multiply this by the Hp.Correct Example 150cc x 5hp=7.5 mile's per gallon.Use your Hp x CC of engine to get your Exact amount of mileage.On average 5-8 mile's per Gallon.


Answer by  ZenHaltija (286)

The gas mileage of the average riding lawn mower would be between 37-45 miles. However, the time of the average lawn mower is important which averages of 25 hours annually.

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