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Question by  mindwarp (28)

What is a widow's pension?

I am a widow and think I am entitled.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Widow's pension payments are made when the late spouse satisfied the country's requirements, including contribution, cohabitation, and length of marriage for the pension. In the US, it's Social Security.


Answer by  Starfish (214)

If your spouse has passed away you may be entitled to benefits from the company or VA or Social Security, wherever he or she worked. If you are divorced or remarried you may still be entitled. You need to determine what the criteria are; these vary depending on the source.


Answer by  Indra (105)

It is the pension that is awarded to the widows by the central govt in India. The scheme name is Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme. The applicant's age should be in the range of 45-64 and she should be below poverty line. The applicant will be getting pension of Rs 200 per month. Report to Gram Panchyat.


Answer by  dcrusher59 (590)

A widows pension is payable to a childless widow who is at least 45 years of age and who's husband has died. This pension is payable to widows who's late husband died before Sept. 4, 2001.


Answer by  RANJAN43 (26)

it's a very helpfull hand given to widow's.usually it is given to widow's like who were the wife of soldiers or army mens.it's an amount given from govenment to the widow.also many help like giving reduction at the fees of their children's study,and reservation for them and for their mother

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