Question by  jeyMartin (42)

What is a Valentine gift idea for my husband?

I have run out of ideas for him.


Answer by  Teresacs (77)

A great low cost gift is to prepare a romantic dinner at home, complete with a menu, wine, flowers and candlelight. If cost is not a concern, time alone tends to be the best gift of all. Book a room for the evening at a nice resort with a hot tub and enjoy!


Answer by  CynthiaMintier (117)

A teddy bear wearing the lingere that you have purchased to wear for him. So everytime he looks at the teddy bear he thinks of you and that night.


Answer by  TrixieRose (174)

If he has a favourite activity, try getting a gift certificate so he can go and enjoy it for a day, with friends or with you. A great date idea!


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

Have you tried lingerie? Men love nighties and such. A weekend away would be extra special. If finances are a problem, notes about why you love him would be special. Make a small journal expressing how important he is to you. Honestly, anything involving sex is what most men want!

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