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Question by  toiletgirl (22)

What is a unique walkway design?

I don't want my walkway to be like everybody else.


Answer by  lpark0 (38)

You should make your walkway as whimsical as possible, make it go in a winding eccentric line, instead of straight ones. Instead of using plain stone, try using handpainted tiles or blown glass "stones". Try planting pretty plants like flowering bushes along it to give it a border.


Answer by  JeanneBaney (56)

Use bricks to design your own special pattern for a unique walkway design. Bricks can be various sizes of circles, spelling out your family name or following a design from a child's drawing. You can use different colors of bricks to enhance the design. You can also plant herbs between the bricks for color.


Answer by  Lu (78)

Instead of a straight walkway, try curving the walkway around planting beds. Make the approach to your destination an adventure. You can vary the materials, combine loose stones with flagstone, brick with pavers, slices of wood used as stepping stones etc. Place a focal object near the destination, place a bench along the way. Use interesting lighting.


Answer by  nylightingdesigner (29)

Line each side of your walkway with rebar or steel pipes leaving approximately a 3' path in between the bars. Fill the path area with very small natural stone gravel in preferred color. Evenly space square or circular stepping stones within the graveled area.


Answer by  cal (43)

You can either pour a concrete pad or create a paver form. I think the paver would be easier. Create a form the size of a license plate pour and add plate to the top creating a smooth surface let dry and create walkway. or line a new walkway with license plates leading to a garage.


Answer by  Bart41 (178)

For a unique design you can use paintable concrete. The concrete is finished super smooth and the specially designed paint will last for years.

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