Question by  Craig19 (154)

What is a three-pence coin?

My uncle says he has some for me that might be valuable.


Answer by  Answers (106)

A Threepence coin is a monetary unit worth three pence that was used in the UK and parts of the British colonial empire until 1971.


Answer by  SharlaBrown (221)

It's a type of coin used in many parts of the United Kingdom from the 1500s until 1971. The value of your uncle's coins probably depends on their age.


Answer by  justmesuzanne (625)

The UK three-pence, three-penny, or thruppence was used in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as other parts of the Commonwealth (e.g. Australia, New Zealand and South Africa) until decimalization of the British pound sterling and the Irish pound in 1971.Pronunciation varies: "THROOP-ence" "THREPP-ence" or "THRUPP-ence" "THROOP-nee" "THREPP-nee" or "THRUPP-nee" bit are all acceptable.


Answer by  turkworker (1007)

Three pence coins are quite rare. They were used before the 1970's in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

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