Question by  John96 (21)

What is a standard issue army ranger side arm?

I'm interested in handguns used by the military.


Answer by  rwill72 (154)

The M9 has been the standard issue since 1990. It is a 9 mm manufactured by Beretta USA. It has a 15 round staggered magazine.


Answer by  centurion (55)

The M9 Beretta replaced the M1911 as the standard issue sidearm for the US Army in 1990. It is a semiautomatic pistol with a fifteen round magazine. The M9 Beretta's muzzle velocity is twelve hundred feet per second with an effective range of roughly one hundred and fifty feet.


Answer by  eyesfan (111)

The M9-Beretta has been the most used pistol for our military since 1990. It has a 15 round magazine. Strictly a backup weapon as it lacks stopping power.


Answer by  jvbrower (19)

The Army Rangers' standard issue side arm is the M 9 Beretta (though not all Rangers carry Berettas according to duty or rank). This is a secondary firearm, after the M 4.


Answer by  work (53)

The army uses a standard issue 9mm Beretta 92. However in some cases, special groups of the military such as the rangers and Navy seals can chose other side arms based on their special needs or personal preference.


Answer by  Mach (76)

The standard issue gun for the Army Rangers is the M9 Beretta, but each operative has the option to choose a different weapon if they do not deem the M9 Beretta an ideal fit for their situation.

posted by Anonymous
Not so. Rangers carry M4's and there is usually a M9 Beretta assigned to each Team(4 men) and the SL(squad leader) so there would be three 9 mils per squad(9 men). Also usually the weapons squad of a platoon will all carry 9mm Berettas in addition to their M240B/G.  add a comment
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