Question by  TK (51)

What is a poodle skirt?

I don't think it's for a dog.


Answer by  skwiglez (641)

It is an awesome skirt that girls wore in the 50's.It Typically goes to your calfs and is a very twirly dress. It usually has a picture of a poodle on it or something silly like that. You would wear mary jane shoes, socks and a sweater with a poodle skirt.


Answer by  sailoryue (853)

a poodle skirt is not for a dog. a poodle skirt is simply a long skirt, reaching the ankles, that has a giant poodle off to the side. it was a big fashion in the 50's but not now. you can find them in costume shops im sure, but no one really wears them now.


Answer by  bradensmom (204)

A poodle skirt was a fashion item popular with girls in the 1950's. It is usually an ankle length circle skirt with a poodle applique on the front.


Answer by  kathylagare (220)

Poodle skirts were big in the 1950's. Big, flared, bright colored, and they had appliques designs on them. Often of French poodles. Therefore the name poodle skirt.

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