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Question by  diane41 (309)

What is a normal engine temperature for my 454?

My 454 seems to run hot.


Answer by  James123 (36)

Most internal combustible engines should run between 180 degrees to 200 degrees. These temperatures are required for the rings to seat properly, and to avoid oil consumption. Especially with the current engines of today, most emissions related hardware such as the ECM, O2 sensors, coolant temperature sensor, ect... , require the engine temperature to be in this range for proper operation.


Answer by  pedro09 (21)

The normal engine temperature for a 454 big block is between 190 and 200 degrees; that is if you have a 4 core radiator.


Answer by  lmmare (22)

Your normal operating temperature should be between 195-210 degrees, anything over 210 in normal street driving should be considered hot.


Answer by  Mikhaili (27)

The optimum temperature would be around 220-230. If it consistently runs higher than this, you may consider changing to a lower temp thermostat. Weather conditions, load being carried and condition/age of the radiator can also have drastic affects on operating temperature. Also make sure the coolant is in the proper ratio.


Answer by  coronato (65)

The normal engine temperature for a 454 could be anywhere from 180 degrees to 220 degrees fahrenheight. Depending on engine modifications and weather condititions, it may vary, but as long as you are in this range, your fine. Reasons for running hot may be thermostadt or bad water pump.

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