Question by  Nick (27)

What is a natural deterrent to put in gardens to keep cats away?

I want to keep the neighbors cat from my garden but do not want to harm them.


Answer by  worker9229 (24)

One way that sometimes works to deter cats, as well as insects, is to place vinegar-soaked rags on stakes around your garden. Most cats dislike the smell of vinegar intensely. Cats also have an aversion to citrus, so lemon juice might also deter them- but might attract bugs.


Answer by  TMyers (1084)

A natural way to keep your neighbors cat out of your garden without hurting them is to spray vinegar, juice from hot peppers, or oil of mustard on the plants and soil. These do not injure the cats, they just irritate them, as animals do not usually like spicy smells.


Answer by  ace (237)

one of the harmless cat deterrents is to sprinkle neat cider vinegar around the area affected the cats cant stand the acidic smell and it will not kill your plants there are also certain shrubs which cats dont like


Answer by  S93 (524)

Cats can be deterred by water, like a sprinkler that goes off when an intruder enters the property. There are also products that bear the scent of a cat's enemies, mainly the coyote and fox. There are also plants, like Coleus canina, which keeps cats from your property. All options are harmless to cats and other animals.

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