Question by  Rahkshilord (7)

What is a model of Christian charity?

I am trying to give examples to my Sunday school class?


Answer by  belle39 (966)

A good model of Christian charity is to give assistance to those who society often rejects such as the poor, people who don't look glamorous according society's standards, those who have bad health conditions and the elderly. Christian charity also involves telling others that because they were born sinners, they need to trust in Christ's death alone for eternal salvation.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

The widow gave her few "mites" or coins to the church. She gave not just what was easy but all that she could. The loaves and the fishes story is another example, from the one child who offered food and bread, many were fed as a result. The Good Samaritan helped, even though he was a social outcast.


Answer by  shortndsweet (11)

Christian charity can be defined as the volunteering of a person's time, talent, or treasure to any person, or organization. It can also include things like tithing or other donations.


Answer by  tjshirley (116)

When the famous LaGuardia was mayor of New York, he would exercise his right to sit as judge over night courts. Once, he presided over a woman who was accused of stealing bread to feed her family. He fined her $10 and fined everyone in the room $.50 for allowing someone to be poor in his city, paying her fine.

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