Question by  apple (447)

What is a Maharat?

It has to do with women in the Jewish faith, I think.


Answer by  sunny83 (157)

It's the term given to female graduates at orthodox women seminaries. Male grads get the term rabba; women are given the title of maharat.


Answer by  notorious (249)

It's the term for a female rabbi in Orthodox circles. It stands for Manhiga, Hilchatit, Ruchanit, Toranit.

Reply by jlaird (190):
Actually, many Orthodox would object to the term "female rabbi" as according to Halacha (Jewish Law), only men can be rabbis, both functionally or by way of getting that specific title.  add a comment

Answer by  zegars (61)

Jewish women are not permitted to become rabbis. But they can be a Maharats. A Maharat is a woman who performs all the duties of a rabbi, but may not be called one. They don't have the same social as a rabbi. Many women are protesting this, saying that they act like rabbis, so they should be treated like one.


Answer by  shalom (271)

Also spelled mahara't, it's a female scholar of Jewish law, Torah and spiritual and cultural issues. It's a female Jewish spiritual leader.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

Orthodox Judaism is now allowing women to become rabbis. They have given them the title "maharat," which is an acronym of Hebrew words that basically means the woman is a spiritual and religious teacher, as well as a teacher of the Torah. The term itself is controversial in Orthodox circles.

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