Question by  Jeau (12)

What is a house electrical ground?

I need to understand more about a house electrical ground.


Answer by  rrazorbakk (62)

A grounding rod, typically a 4 to 6 feet long copper rod, is driven into the ground in the vacinity of the breaker panel. A copper wire or cable connects the grounding rod to the breaker panel and supplies and earth ground to all metal parts of the panel.


Answer by  sduraiganesh (35)

A cold water pipe is usually a ground. Nowadays with plastic pipe you can't be sure. You can check it. with a meter.


Answer by  DrD (27)

A house electrical ground provides a path to ground for the electrical service in your home. Ground is the ultimate destination that electricity flows to. All electricity in the home is directed to a ground. The house ground is usually found near the electrical service panel.


Answer by  mani (813)

All metel parts of a circuit is essential to be earthed in house so that in case of any one comes in to contact, the surge current will go to the earth maintaining zero voltage to prevent any shock

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