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Question by  Jesse (27)

What is a home remedy for lawn fungus?

My lawn needs some help, but I don't want to have to hire anybody or buy some expensive treatment.


Answer by  daphnia (20)

First, reduce the amount of fertilizer they apply on their lawn. Most fungus grows better in a nitrogen rich environment. Second, step make sure you are not over or under watering your lawn. Both can stress the grass. Last, apply diluted dish soap to grass to kill fungus spores.


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

All you have to do is resod the area. Or, you can reseed it, but that might take awhile. Once you have healthy grass growing, the fungus won't be able to latch on and grow. Make sure your lawn has adequate drainage, too.


Answer by  Jamile (12)

The use of a baking powder and water solution is one simple home remedy for treating lawn fungus. Since baking powder is acidic, it will neutralize any fungus present.


Answer by  Kikie (179)

My mom's solution: Every 10 days spray grass with the following mixture: 1xtablespoon baking soda, 1xtablespoon of vegtible oil,a drop of liquid detergent + a gallon of water. Shake well


Answer by  cody (1331)

try using vinegar its a acid so it kills a lot of plants but its not a very strong acid so it wont kill your lawn just put it in a spray gun and spray your lawn for a few days. then water your lawn after the fungus is gown to get rid of the acid

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