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Question by  worker6264 (67)

What is a hamster's life span?

My daughter wants a hamster and I need to know what I am in for.


Answer by  km101 (31)

The average life span is about three years, this can fluctuate based on care between two and four years. A hamster is a good starter pet and built responsibility for my son in caring and cleaning for his teddy bear hamster and he lived for about three and a half years.


Answer by  jcpeterson86 (6)

The average life span for a hamster is 2 years. However, it really depends on the quality of care the hamster receives. I have heard of hamsters living anywhere from 5 to 7 years, but that is unusual. Hamsters get dehydrated easily and that can affect its life span.


Answer by  Lindy14 (104)

Hamsters have an average life span of 18 months to 4 years. You will need a good sized cage that has toys for exercise and play (wheel, toilet paper rolls, etc.). Use a water bottle instead of a bowl and food should be fresh veggies, seeds and worms for protein.


Answer by  BBB16 (71)

My neighbors have two hamsters that I care for when they are on vacation. They are adorable! Friendly, alert. Kibble and water and they're ok. They live 2-4 years.


Answer by  sailoryue (853)

it depends on what breed of hamster you get. dwarf hamsters for instance live a maximum of 2 years. larger breed hamsters can live up to 3.

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