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Question by  Timberlando (14)

What can be done to repair a crack in your homes foundation?

I have located a crack running along the foundation of my outside wall and am concerned that it could lead to a greater problem


Answer by  Anonymous

You need to dig a trench around the exterior of your home. Water proof the outside of the masonry wall then backfill properly. Then you can cut back the mortar with a diamond blade grinder and fill with new mortar.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

The local hardware store should carry foundation repair materials. Make sure to find the full breadth of the crack and use the filler/sealer on the entire crack.


Answer by  idrish (39)

Homes are of different types. If the house is of hard stone basement, it will not be cracked easily. In case it brokes all you have to do is to repair it immediately with cement paste. It is very difficult to repair the foundation. But it will affect the whole building badly. Find the correct posiion and do the paste.


Answer by  John (9008)

It is possible to repair the foundation of a home, but you cannot do it yourself. There aare many house leveling or foundation repair companies that can help.


Answer by  worker2669 (17)

you need to clear the bed rocks. then do properly cement the cracked portion. if needed give extra support by using melted iron bars. add gravels and chips in the bed rock to avoid air penetration. check the allignment of the home. use good quality cement and use sand of good quality at the bed rock

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