Question by  Travis52 (24)

What is a good song for a clarinet duet?

My brother and I have to do a duet.


Answer by  ShanL (684)

Try Tchaikovsky's "Waltz from Sleeping Beauty," Dvorak's "Humoresque" arranged for two clarinets, Mendelssohn's "Spring Song," Faure's "Pavane" op. 50, and Copland's "Concerto for 2 clarinets." Mozart and Bach have written several duets arranged for two clarinets as well. You can find additional ideas and sheet music on the Clarinet Institute's website.


Answer by  lillybaby (103)

I myself used to play clarinet, and I have to say that "Greensleeves" is a great song to do for clarinet. I always used to play that in concerts and talent shows and I won the audiences' hearts! It's a pretty difficult song to learn, but it is so worth it.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

6 Clarinet Duos (Rossini, Gioacchino) is free from the Petrucci Music Library. The link for this (it's in PDF format). Google Petrucci Music Library -past in title of this music.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

There is a classic jazz song known as "Azure" that has a piano duet with any other instrument. In our band we had two clarinets play that part instead (because the parts are exactly the same). It sounds more like a harmony but is still considered a duet due to only two instruments playing.

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