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Question by  AbsolutelyWoman (35)

What is a good fertilizer for a pivet hedge?

I need to fertilize my pivet hedge.


Answer by  marito (34)

Human urine with ash can be a perfect fertilizer that can bloom a pivet hedge. It's a good fertilizer because it's already cheap and an environment-friendly fertilizer.


Answer by  deepa (82)

A good fertilizer for a pive hedge is potassium chloride. it improves the growth and protect the plant from diseases


Answer by  EatBugs (18)

Composting is a good way to fertilize nearly any type of plant. My favorite types of composting are banana peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, and some type of manure.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

Organic fertilizers with lots of nitrogen work great. Also some starter fertilizers can be a good alternative. Although these hedges don't need a ton of nutrients they grow great with the basics at least.

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