Question by  tania (49)

What is a good conditioner for breakage?

I seem to have a bad problem with breakage and I was thinking a good conditioner would help.


Answer by  worker7127 (69)

As a frequent dyer, I have a lot of hair breakage. To fix it, I use a conditioner called Hawaiian Silky. It's available at Sally Beauty. It comes in a bottle similar to detangler (a pump/spray combo). It is a leave-in conditioner but it doesn't leave your hair greasy.


Answer by  ApprenticeJenn (959)

Look for a protein or reconstructing product and follow the package directons. This will help to rebuild your hair's cuticle, making it stronger. Then use a moisturizing conditioner when you wash or shampoo your hair. A beauty supply store is a great place to find these products.


Answer by  bajestar (605)

There are so may options if you don't mind paying a lot go with kerastase has a great treatment line. Joico K-pak, pantene, Giovanni also make good choices


Answer by  Mommyof1 (49)

A good conditioner WILL help. Look for a deep treatment-the brand doesn't really matter, and a conditioner that you're supposed to leave in. When you're in the shower, leave your conditioner in for as long as possible. And use the leave in treatment for added help.


Answer by  jap (65)

many hair problems are usually causes because lack of protien. conditioners are available to different types of hairs. for breakage problems choose conditioner of Alovera or lime. vitamin B complex also help us to strengthining of hair. Gooseberry juice was another best treatment for hair. apply it on the hair it gives strength and darkness to hair it also stops hair loss.

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