Question by  musical2one (15)

What is a good price for a 1981 z28?

It is in good condition.


Answer by  soccer593 (476)

If the z28 is in very good condition may go for about six thousand dollars. A 1981 z28 in excellent condition may go for around ten thousand to twelve thousand dollars. A lot depends on the mileage on the engine and what parts have already been replaced or even what kind of tires are on the car.


Answer by  jodeci23 (74)

A good price for a 1981 z28 maybe 3,000 cuz it in good condition. Its a classic muscle car. And who dont like the classic cars a 1981 z28 camaro will be nice.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

To get a value of a car you should try one of the vehicle pricing guides currently available. You can look up values on their website for free.


Answer by  Kson (132)

A good price a 1981 z28 should be between 8000 to 100000 dollars. If the car is in good condition, make sure to check all mechanical to see if there are any problem. Test drive the car to see if the engine is running smoothly. Check the interior for any signs of abnormal wear and tear.

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