Question by  Julie92 (99)

What is a freelance media buyer?

Sound like a cool job.


Answer by  rajabhas (16)

Freelance media buyers are those who work for medias like daily and weekly news papers, magazines, cinema and television,internet etc. There duty is to negotiate, purchase and monitor media space on behalf of their clients. Freelance media buyer may work more than one client at same time.


Answer by  Chipper (115)

Media buyers literally "buy" media -- time on radio and television, space in newspapers and magazines and on websites -- for advertisers. Ad agencies and companies hire freelancers.


Answer by  mahbubur23rashid (35)

Freelancing is a very promising job now in this world. There are two option in this sector. One is service provider those who do the work and buyer those who serve the work. Freelance media buyer is those who want to communicate in between buyer and service provider.


Answer by  Jimbob (2275)

You go around and buy up all types of media and the attached copyright. You then attempt to resell the media at a higher price then you bought it for thus making a profit.

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