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Question by  Mat63 (12)

What is a fail-safe tape worm cure?

Is there a home remedy?


Answer by  ameen (78)

Praziquantel is the drug of choice for tapeworm.A single treatment of praziquantel should clear the worm.Second dose given only when reinfection is likely.There are different home remedies that is eating of grated carrot in the morning,eating of pumpkin seeds,frying of better melon in little ghee,drinking of aloe vera juice,eating of few tomatoes in morning empty stomach,


Answer by  fislamamt (189)

Tape worm is said to be caused by eating pork or beef meat. Taking some bitter vegetable regularly may eliminate tape worm. One medicine is the leaves of the tree Azhardica indica which is said to be effective for all types of worms . Taking green Papaya juice with sugar and castor oil is also said to be effective .


Answer by  skm (432)

Although there might be home remedies available, there are more effective medical therapies available depending on the type of tape worm. It would be advisable to see a doctor regarding a tape worm infection because serious complications can result from prolonged infection. Examples of complications include bowel obstruction, anemia, and seizures.


Answer by  Lucius (196)

I would not recommend trying to treat this with home cures. If you have a tapeworm you need to be treated by a doctor who will most likely prescribe medication which causes the evacuation of parasitic worms. This is called anthelmintic medication and is most effective for tape-worm.

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