Question by  Aerosmithchick (5)

What is a coin with a crescent moon on it?


Answer by  patti (29325)

A lot of coins in the middle east include a crescent moon, a symbol of Islam, in the design. This is not to say that the crescent moon design is limited to countries in the middle east. Some antique coins from Great Britain include a crescent moon as well. A coin dealer could probably help you identify it.


Answer by  senegaulois (139)

The coin is certainly minted by a moslem country that frequently have a crescent moon motif on their currency. The crescent moon is for Islam what the cross signifies for Christianity; a motif extremely rich in history and symbolism. Pakistan is one country that has a crescent moon on its coinage.


Answer by  topper (32)

Coins are ususally made and distributed by governments. Coins come in all shapes and sizes and are made from many different types of materials but usually metal. A coin with a cresent moon on it could come from nearly anywhere in the world.

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