Question by  Jenniedeelo (169)

Can you grow volunteer moon flowers from seed?

I would like to grow volunteer moon flowers from seeds.


Answer by  Carol24 (26)

Yes, moon flowers are annual plants. The seeds are hard so knick them with a knife and soak for 6-8 hours before planting in full sun about 1" deep.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Yes you can but you really need to keep up with them they are very delicate when you are first getting them started.


Answer by  blahblah (670)

Nick or scrape the seeds with sandpaper or a knife. Soak them for a couple of days. Then plant them in starter pots.


Answer by  LavenderLady (23)

Absolutely, you can grow volunteer Moonflower from seed. Moonflower is Ipomoea alba, not a cultivar, so any seeds that are produced will be true to type.

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