Question by  davidu (20)

What is a Bishop's Score and how does it relate to inducing labor?

My doctor mentioned it but did not elaborate.


Answer by  Colorgirl (73)

Doctors can look at a number of things such as how soft or hard your cervix is and how dialated you are and find out how likely it is that you will really go into labor or if you'll have to be induced. The Bishop's Score is just an index number reflecting this likelihood. Low scores mean you'll need inducing.


Answer by  lamz1111 (35)

A Bishop's Score determines whether a woman should have her labor induced for a vaginal delivery. The decision is based on five criteria: dilation, effacement, station, position and consistency. The criteria are rated on certain scales. The higher the score, the more likely that the induction will be successful.


Answer by  dckkiran (66)

Bishops Score is to know whether a woman will have a successful vaginal delivery or not depending on baby position and other elements. Normally baby position is important to have a normal case of normally deliver a woman will get labour pains naturally and it is a sign that everthing inside is normal which includes positionof baby. Otherwise labour is induced.


Answer by  Jo46 (394)

Basically, a Bishop's Score is a system of scoring that assesses whether labor needs to be induced. It scores cervix's position, consistency, its current size, the dilation, and fetus's position.

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