Question by  aadams (19)

What is 4 gauge speaker wire used for?


Answer by  machete (6)

ive used 4 gauge speaker wire in the past for a car audio system. when you wire in an amp or sub woofers alot of the time you need thicker wires so that it can still hold the sound quality that it needs. although Im sure there are many other uses for it.


Answer by  swamisarge (283)

Only extremely high power sound requires this size. A little ohms' law yields a rough idea of this: power equals impedance multiplied by the square of the wires' current. A 4 gauge wire handles about 100 amps, so its' square is 10 thousand. Multiplying that by a speaker impedance of 8 ohms equals 80 thousand watts of power, high indeed.


Answer by  sajjad (107)

the gauge speaker wire is used for long distance speaker. it enables the speaker to catch the audio in its original condition to maintain its best performers and audio out put is good to use this cable.

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