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Question by  genomeman (49)

What information can you provide me on building a rock patio?

I would like to build a rock patio.


Answer by  pete74 (97)

First chose rocks that have a flat surface and the texture and colour you like. Then make sure ground is flat. Next lay weed barrier and sand before laying stone.


Answer by  worker4836 (11)

Make sure that you slope the patio away from the foundation of the house. This will help to make sure that there is no damage by water. It is good to use a hose to create the edge of the patio to make a unique shape.


Answer by  Handydandy (26)

The key to a good rock patio is the base material. I would recommend 4" of crushed limestone compacted with a plate tamper followed up with a 1" layer of sand to set the stone in. After fitting the rocks together you need to put sand in the joints and run the compacter over them again and hose everything down.


Answer by  MikeM (11)

First, make sure the dirt ground you are using is level. The easiest way to do this is use a piece of lumber the with of your patio and place a level on it at different spots to make sure it is consitent. Try to use larger rocks instead of smaller so they settle better and will stay in place.


Answer by  wettrousers (6)

first look for 52 flat white rocks and 36 flat black rocks, then…oops, I thought you meant rock piano

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