Question by  roxiey (191)

What health problems do big breasted women have?


Answer by  pieface (273)

The most common health complaint is back pain. This is especially a problem for thin women. The extra weight also causes poor posture. Pain in the shoulders from bra straps is also a problem. This can be solved by purchasing a well constructed bra with thick straps. Stretch marks are very common for the ample breasted but painless.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

We have massive back aches due to the weight. Our joints break down due to having to support them for so long. In some cases, there is an increased risk of breast cancer as well. On occasion, we can lose our breath if they happen to shift the wrong way in our undergarments.


Answer by  shorty23 (177)

There is back pains, shoulder pains, neck pains, heat rashes,migranes or headaches, chafing, strech marks.the health problems that are shoulder, neck, migranes, chafing is done by a bad bra


Answer by  ericamartin (88)

large breasted women tend to have a lot of back problems because the weight of their breasts puts a lot of stress on their back


Answer by  alz (2329)

Some large breasts can cause major back problems because it weighs down the front of the body and you find yourself hunched over. This is a main reason that a lot of girls with large breasts, especially if they are small framed in general, have to get a breast reduction.

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