Question by  Sockless (528)

What happens to a timeshare when the owner dies?


Answer by  Elizabeth (92)

When a timeshare owner dies, ownership passes to their estate. So, if you own a timeshare, you need to address this issue in your will. You could have your estate sell the timeshare so your heirs get the money or you can spell out how use of the timeshare is shared.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Just like any other real estate venture that the person is in it will go in trust or either be willed to someone in the family. If there is not a will then it will be placed in probate so that the family can make a decision as to what to do with the property.


Answer by  JohnathonLMackin (48)

A timeshare is a piece of property owned by a group. People within the group own shares of the property that share is willed or deeded to a recipient at their death.


Answer by  Scott (109)

Timeshares are owned. They're owned by multiple people at the same time, but the portion that you own is part of your estate & will go to your heirs.


Answer by  Salinda (48)

The timeshare becomes part of the owner's estate and will be distributed as specified in the owner's will or according to the laws of inheritance in the state where the owner lives.

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