Question by  john44 (42)

What happens to a teenager accused of murder in the state of California?


Answer by  ironman (75)

if the crime were severe enough and the child is 16 or older he or she could be tried as an adult. interestingly juveniles even if charged as an adult in california cannot be given the death penalty or life without parol


Answer by  dentonbecca (270)

when a teenager is accused of murder in the state of California several different things may happen.They could be either charged as a juvenile or an adult and the punishment also varies.


Answer by  Ron27 (465)

Teenagers accused of murder are typically tried as adults in California, but not necessarily always. Teenagers are subject to any sentence other than death or life without parole.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

Depending on the age of the teenager and the severity of the crime the DA can move to try the child as an adult. When the teenager is first arrested he will likely be taken to a juvenile holding facility, following the outcome of the hearing he may be moved to an adult jail.


Answer by  KymBerly (447)

This would depend on the crime and the age of the accused. A 12-13 Year old would be treated as a juvenile, while a 16-17 Year old would be charged and tried as a adult.


Answer by  matt36 (5)

Depending on the circumstances of the crime the teenager may be tried as an adult. The sentence can be punishible up to life in prision.

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