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Question by  Patrick11 (20)

What happens if they refuse to issue a certificate of occupancy?


Answer by  brandie (22)

If you are denied a certificate of occupancy you will not be able to to proceed with the building process. There are a couple of options after being denied this certificate. You can try to fix the problem and reapply. Or you can file an appeal with the state supreme court challenging their judgement.


Answer by  Eva (20)

It means that the structure is not fit for human habitation. It's related to a safety issue that has been found by local housing inspectors. The problem must be solved.


Answer by  TMATM (499)

In many states, a certificate of occupancy is required before you can legally rent a home or appartment to a tenant. Without the certificate, only the owner can live in the house. Some states may require a certificate of occupancy before selling a house. This is to guarantee the home is not condemned as unsafe to live in.


Answer by  Jaye (134)

Without a certificate of occupancy you will not be allowed to move into the building. Another option might be to sublet if that is agreeable to all parties.

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