Question by  tania (49)

What happens if I keep writing checks on a closed account?


Answer by  worker76 (773)

Well, lot of things could happen. Worst case is authporities will place you in jail for check fraud.It will also affect credit ratings.I would suggest stopping


Answer by  mommytoc (56)

You could get arrested. That is check fraud and illegal. You will be responsible for the amount of each bad check and many additional fees.


Answer by  diva63 (56)

To continue to write checks on a closed account constitutes fraud, and may subject you to both civil and criminal charges. Fines and/or jail time may be imposed.


Answer by  DawnKnight (39)

Writing check from an account that you have closed it is fraud. If you continue it could be a felony.


Answer by  Kris (797)

Don't. If convicted you may have trouble finding a decent apartment to rent for many years afterward. Landlords run names though public records looking for that sort of thing.


Answer by  Anonymous

a person will go 2 jail for fraud in the USA

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