Question by  pianogal (14)

What happens as hydrogen peroxide decomposes?

Does it give off dangerous substances?


Answer by  Jenn09 (176)

No. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) decomposes into water (H20) and Oxygen (O2). However, in the presence of certain metal ions (such as Fe2+), the Fenton reaction occurs, forming free radicals.


Answer by  Irene (104)

No, hydrogen peroxide, H202, decomposes into very safe substances. In a balanced equation, two moles of H202 decomposes into two moles of water (H20) and one mole of oxygen (02).


Answer by  tipster477 (46)

As hydrogen peroxide decomposes it gives off water and oxygen. Oxygen can be dangerous in the presence of a fuel and an ignition source.

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