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Question by  Sin42 (11)

What grit sanding paper and which primer should I use for auto painting?

I'd like to attempt to repaint my Corvette by myself, and need to know what sanding and painting supplies to purchase.


Answer by  worker9775 (22)

Wash the vehicle. Dry and blow out any remaining water. Depending on the surface. Start with some 330 grit sandpaper on a d/a sander. After You ll blow out the dust off the vehicle. Use DX-330 to remove wax & residue. Use etching primer on any bare metal. After 15-30 minutes primer with a high build primer.


Answer by  Lamar (25)

You are gonna want to remove all the clear coat from the car. Go with a 220 grit to a 400 grit to a 600 grit and since it's a Corvette even a 1000 grit WET sand paper. With primer you are going to want to chose the color that is closest to the color you paint the car.


Answer by  Reeducator (21)

Get 80 grit paper to start and 120 grit to finish with. You also need a long sanding block (for the 120 grit) from an auto supply store or even Walmart. Buy good quality auto primer and Paint from a reputable online or regular paint store (Sherman Williams). Match as close to a factory color as you can.


Answer by  jennoby (26)

For bare metal use an epoxy primer,then final primer. 60/100 grit-body filler, wet sand -400-600 and 1200 to 1500 for final sanding prior to buffing

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