Question by  steve93 (34)

How does Benadryl work for an allergy?

How does it stop your rash or whatever?


Answer by  Amanda65 (1220)

Benadryl is an anti-histamine, meaning it works by reducing the histamine production in your body. Histamine is a substance that your body produces when it senses a foreign substance in your body, in attempts to get rid of it. In people with allergies, the body produces excess histamine in response to benign substances such as dust, pet dander, etc.


Answer by  cathybellejones (309)

Benadryl is an antihistimine. When your body is under an allergy attack, the body produces large amounts of histimine and this is what causes the rash.


Answer by  RunawayJim (964)

It has antihistamines, which block histamines. Histamines are what cause itching, running nose, throat irritation, etc. Simple explanation, but that is what is going on.


Answer by  jmrdflcarpenter (515)

Since it has an antihistamine in it, the antihistamine works against any kind of allergic reactions you should have. It will get rid of the rash and nay other allergy symptoms that you should have. Although, it will make you drowsy and possibility fall asleep, but more than likely when you wake it should either be gone or greatly reduced.

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