Question by  Rae (48)

What fish are compatible with black goldfish?

I have two black goldfish and want to get some more fish.


Answer by  DeadlyGlories (71)

I'm going to take it that by "black goldfish", you're referring to black moors, so getting other egg-shaped, slow-moving goldfish is your best bet. Fish like lionheads, bubble-eyes, and orandas look very nice with moors, and will generally be your best bet. Fast-moving goldfish and tropical fish and algae eaters should be avoided, as they may pester the slower fish.


Answer by  sharonl (250)

You want to provide 10 gallons PER goldfish. You can have a weather loach with them. Or you can have other fancy goldfish such as ryukins, telescope eye goldfish, orandas, fantails, lionheads, ranchus, and demekins.


Answer by  Britt8818 (52)

Goldfish should only be paired with goldfish. Try to get tank mates that are around the same size as the fish you have. Luckily there are many varieties of goldfish.


Answer by  bb0603 (208)

You can put some regular goldfish in the tank with the black gold fish and they will get along just fine.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

Because black goldfish have poor eye sight, they do well in tanks with telescope and celestial goldfish who also don't see well.

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