Question by  IBernal001 (27)

Is a sucker fish compatible with goldfish?

I have goldfish already and was thinking about adding a sucker fish.


Answer by  Jay18 (112)

Yes, they are both very friendly fish which fall into the community category. This means that they both fend well with others and will not bother one another. A "sucker fish" is usually attracted to eating algae, while a gold fish likes flake foods. There would be no competition for food as well.


Answer by  ZackRoca23 (7)

The term "sucker fish" applies to a few species, but most of them will indeed get along with a goldfish in your tank.


Answer by  fish89 (46)

Goldfish and sucker fish are not a compatible mix. Aside from the goldfish being a coldwater fish and the pleco preferring warm water, sucker fish are attracted to the slime coat of the goldfish. This means that your goldie will be unduly stressed and potentially harmed by the pleco.


Answer by  MrsGigandet (51)

Temperature-wise, yes, but it's not recommended. Sucker fish will sometimes "suck" at a goldfish's slime coat, causing injury and even death.


Answer by  jtalone (105)

Adding a sucker fish would be a good addition to your aquarium. They are very friendly fish and would be extremely compatible with your goldfish. Be careful though, because they could reproduce at very high rates and create mutants which could, in turn, take over the world. Watch them carefully and avoid playing music by Marvin Gaye.


Answer by  Brodello (68)

Sucker fish, or Plecos, are very docile and shy, and are great companions for goldfish. Make sure your tank is large enough to house another fish, and provide algae tablets as algae growth may not be prominent in your tank. Be aware that plecos also create a lot of poop, so be ready to clean out the tank regularly.


Answer by  raun08 (1839)

For the most part goldfish are sedate fish who can get along with most anything. The trick is to make sure the sucker fish is a good enough size.


Answer by  Anonymous

yep it works! i put one in every tank i have. they clean the tank so you dont have to as often. i clean mine every 2 weeks.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Yes they are quite compatible although the sucker fish may be a bit more aggressive than the goldfish. You may need to feed them a bit more and change the water in the tank often.


Answer by  jon6 (488)

Yes! Goldfish will get along just fine with a sucker fish. Goldfish are very easy to get along wiht. They are very friendly.


Answer by  orla2001 (1)

i need one for my tank. but there are negative and positive comments. i will ask the Petco manager. thanx 4 the advice


Answer by  monniemonster (74)

yes they are I have had Goldfish and a sucker fish in an tank together for three years and they are very much compatible.


Answer by  heather88 (1897)

It will not harm the gold fish, the algie eater will be ok to have with the goldfish. They are totally safe to have with the goldfish.


Answer by  orla2001 (1)

i am getting one

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