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Question by  Rose (6804)

What eye color is best complemented by green eyeshadow?


Answer by  Student123 (45)

Because eyeshadow is supposed to be used to enhance or brighten a person's eye color, it could be safe to assume that green eyes would look best with green eyeshadow. Since red is opposite from green on the color wheel, though, green eyeshadow would actually look best with red eyes. However, any eye color could probably work with green.


Answer by  chirie2 (12)

It depends on what shade of green and if it is used as a highlight. Dark green looks best with a beige or white highlight. Light green looks best paired with a darker brown. And in between shade of green, would have to depend on your accessories and what you are wearing.


Answer by  Hoardy (454)

Brown eye colors are very well complemented by green eye shadows. This is because hazel eyes already have a tinge of green, thus making them match the shadow's color. Blue eyes decorated by green eyeshadow would look a bit odd, as the colors will compete. But brown eyes are highlighted and beautified by green eye shadow.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Green eye eyeshadow can bring out great colors in many eyes, depending on the skin tone. Brown and Hazel are greatly complimented, and blue eyes can create a 'sea/sky' look.


Answer by  cbaby1 (121)

I would have to say light colored eyes, such as green, hazel, or blue. For brown eyes you would use more of brown and pinks.

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