Question by  clyde (52)

What color eyeshadow should you wear with brown eyes?

I want to enhance my eyes.


Answer by  cookies (7)

I think that darker shades of purple eyeshadow look the best on brown eyes. I have heard this several times. I also like bronze and dark brown together. White eyeshadow on the eye lids and a black or dark grey in the crease will enhance any eye color. If you are brave maybe green?


Answer by  bradensmom (204)

Brown eyes look enhanced when wearing eye shadows in green, blue, or aqua tones. Violet, lavender, mauve, and purple eye shadows also look great with brown eyes. Brown eyed girls can also wear gray and charcoal, as well as taupe, chocolate, and rust tones for a more neutral looking eye during the daytime. Pink toned eye shadow also looks good.

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