Question by  jwilbur19 (50)

What entrance exams do I need to take to get an MBA?


Answer by  box (49)

It ultimately depends on which institution you're trying to get it from, but generally you will have to take the GMAT which stands for Graduate Management Aptitude Test.


Answer by  elynne (1153)

The entrance exams that you need completely depend upon what graduate school you are attending. But in general the two that are usually used to make admission decisions are the GRE (graduate Record Exam) and the GMAT (General Management Appitude Exam)


Answer by  Kiwi48 (99)

Most (but not all) schools require the GMAT. The MBA web site has more information. It is three parts - quantitative, verbal, and essays. Classes and study books will help.


Answer by  chelooo (4)

I suppose you need to get a CAT, or Common Admission Test to get an MBA. It also deppends on what state you live in, the CAT you're supposed to take. As an example I'd like to mention the MCATS, or Massachussets Common Admission Tests. After taking the exam you're able to get your MBA.

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