Question by  Cinderella (15)

What English words originated from Germany?


Answer by  Jane5146 (60)

There is a wide range of words that are actual German but found their way into the English language. Among these words are for instance some names of breeds of dogs such as dachshund, doberman and Rottweiler. Other typical examples are names of food like kraut and schnitzel. Also famous for their Geman origin are kindergarten, wunderkind, weltschmerz and zeitgeist.


Answer by  linguist (62)

Many old English words are cognates (= have a common ancestor) with German words, such as "mouse" (Ger: Maus) or "swine" (Ger: Schwein). Newer coinings include "rucksack", "angst", or "doppelgänger".


Answer by  Anonymous


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